Tools for beginning band.

CommunityBand is an exciting way for beginning band teachers and students to work together. Real-time assessment makes learning music feel like a video game. Class assignments let teachers give individualized instruction and track student progress. Collaboritive features let students share their performances with their classmates and create virtual ensemble mixes. Contests let teachers group their students into teams to introduce peer encouragement.

Rhythm Fish All-Stars is a one-of-a-kind rhythm game that combines rhythm exercises and rhythmic dictation. Students design their own fish and then train it to compete against their classmates' fish. Try CommunityBand and Rhythm Fish All-Stars with your band for free today!

Create assignments for your students. Recordings and assessments will be sent to your grade book.

Create point accumulation contests. Group your students into teams to get motivated students encouraging their peers.

Real-time assessment with explosions and crowd cheers makes practicing feel like a video game.

In Rhythm Fish All-Stars, students race to eat fish that spell the rhythms they hear.

Students design their own fish, giving it their own personal style.

By mastering rhythm exercises, students increase the speed of their fish for the dictation matches.

Students can choose to share their performances privately with their teacher or with their entire class.

Review your students' assignment submissions in your grade book. The grade book also lets you set up grading periods and manage contests.

Students can make their own duet and trio recordings by mixing their recorded takes. Even better, students can mix their own performances with those shared by their classmates to create virtual ensemble mixes.

The assignment review window lets you leave feedback directly on the music. Circle wrong notes and leave comments while watching and listening to the recording play back.

The song library includes a selection of songs commonly found in beginner band method books. Adding your own songs is easy with MusicXML import.

Here students can see what's going on in their class with assignments, contests, and performances shared by their classmates.

Rhythm exercises encourage students to isolate this critical skill.

CommunityBand is free software - donation supported.

We want teachers and students to use our software freely. Try it with your band and let your students use it in their homes. If you find that it is helping your program and are able to do so, please consider making a donation.