Private classes

Classes make up the heart of CommunityBand communities. Setting up your own class for your students to join takes only a few seconds. You pick a name for the class that your students will recognize, and you create a unique class code that you share only with your students so that they will be able to find it to join. After students create an account and start CommunityBand, they will enter this code into the app to join. They're then ready to receive assignments and participate in all class activities. Use the following links to create a private class and access your grade book. For convenience, a printable PDF file with instructions to help your students get started is included. Just print it out and add your unique class code before making handout copies for your students.


CommunityBand connects teachers with their students, making it easier to keep track of how each student is doing. Any song can be made into an assignment that students complete, sending a recording and assessment directly into a teacher grade book ready for grading.

When creating a song assignment, you can specify the type of assessment that should be used - Pitch and Rhythm, or Rhythm Tap. With Rhythm Tap assessment, students simply tap keys on their computer keyboard to play the rhythm of the song. This is a very convenient way to get started with CommunityBand in a class setting, as it means students don't even need a microphone to practice and submit rhythm exercises.

Creating assignments

Create an assignment by selecting the students that will receive it, the due date, and the assessment options you want.

My Class page

Your students will then see the assignment from their My Class page. Here they can see info about which assignments are due as well as their grades.

Grade book

Students submit recordings and assessments to your grade book, ready for you to review and grade.

Review Window

The assignment review window lets you leave feedback directly on the music. Circle wrong notes and leave comments while watching and listening to the recording play back. CommunityBand makes it possible for students to submit multiple takes for a single assignment. This performance history serves as a valuable way to track student effort as well as progress, and it gives a single assignment the potential to facilitate a back and forth collaboration between teacher and student as a song is worked on.

Score Booster

Enable the optional Score Booster feature with your assignment to give students extra motivation to practice efficiently. The Score Booster identifies the measures in a song where the student made the most mistakes and offers to help him drill that section to earn bonus points. Starting at half tempo, the student must complete successively faster stages, up to regular tempo, to earn the points.


Team contests in CommunityBand are a great way to add competitive fun and motivation to your class. To start a contest, use the grade book to assign your students to teams, and choose a begin and end date for the contest. When students play songs in CommunityBand, the points they earn are credited to their team. A leader board in CommunityBand lets students keep track of how each team is doing. Since every student's contribution is helpful to the team, team contests can get students to encourage their teammates to participate. Make up your own rewards for the winning team to give them a little extra incentive!


SmartMusic and CommunityBand

SmartMusic (www.smartmusic.com) is the premier tool for band and choir programs. With thousands of song titles and advanced assessment and assignment capabilities, SmartMusic is an irreplaceable asset.

The purpose of CommunityBand is not to compete with SmartMusic, but rather to meet needs which SmartMusic doesn't address. While SmartMusic is an incredible value for what it offers, there are many schools throughout the world which still can't afford it. CommunityBand is intended to open the door for such schools. But CommunityBand is also developed to offer functionality which can serve as a great supplement to SmartMusic bands. CommunityBand focuses on motivating students to practice through fun, musically rich activities. Students who already use SmartMusic and have SmartMusic microphones are already set up to take full advantage of the unique features in CommunityBand. The software makes it easy to use the parts you care about and ignore the parts you don't. Use SmartMusic for your assignments and let your students get some extra rhythm practice with Rhythm Fish All-Stars or have some creative fun making duet collaborations in CommunityBand.