CommunityBand brings familiar music game action to practicing.

CommunityBand scores students in real-time as they play. The audience cheers and notes explode when played correctly, and players receive extra points for correctly playing multiple notes in a row.

CommunityBand keeps track of the student's best achievements on each song. Up to 5 stars can be earned for each song. With each song performed, students also add to their grand point total. A leader board for the class or community keeps track of the students who have earned the most total points. The more songs you sight read, the higher your point total!

Music Library

Rhythm Fish All-Stars makes mastering rhythm a blast.

Rhythm Fish All-Stars lets students compete to train the best fish in the class. In this game, players hear a series of rhythms played that they must spell by guiding their fish to eat smaller fish with the correct note symbols. Each time you spell a rhythm correctly, your fish grows bigger. The race is on, however, because smart AI versions of your classmates' fish are also on the hunt, and if they get bigger than you, they'll come after you! Players can gain an edge by completing rhythm practice exercises that give their fish a permanent speed boost.

Rhythm Fish All-Stars

Recording and producing your own duets.

CommunityBand is the only software available that lets students record, mix and share their own ensemble productions. Many of the songs in CommunityBand include two or more parts. By recording one part at a time, students can then mix their performances together to create virtual ensembles. Even better, students can share recordings with their classmates and use these to build their mixes. When a mix is ready, it can either be shared with the class or saved down as an MP3 to send to family and friends.