Uploading music to CommunityBand

CommunityBand gets better as more people use it and contribute to its music library. Because CommunityBand accepts MusicXML files, the standard interchange format for music notation software, you are free to use virtually any notation software you like to add your own song content. For playback, you can either rely on CommunityBand's built-in sounds, or you can upload an mp3 and synchronize it with the score. This means accompaniments can sound as good as you want them to.

The process for uploading music is straightforward. First open a MusicXML file exported from your favorite notation editor. Choose your mp3 file, if applicable, and add tempo markers at each point that the tempo changes in your score. Next, pick the instruments that should be matched to each part in your score - if you have a trombone staff that you want your trombone and euphonium players to play, assign both of those instruments to that staff. Finally, give the song a title and difficulty level and upload it. You're then ready to play the song or use it to create assignments.

MusicXML Import

Composing music with CommunityBand

CommunityBand also includes its own basic level notation editor, allowing for composition right in the software. Not just for teachers, writing music with this tool is a great way for students to reinforce pitch, rhythm and other valuable music skills. Creating songs for your classmates to play and record is both highly educational and a lot of fun!

Music Editor